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Mining industry specialists

3ppm's team of highly respected and experienced mining finance professionals  sources, invests in and manages privately owned mining and mineral exploration projects. We aim to invest as closely as possible to the initiation of a new venture in the mining business, where our expertise and experience can be leveraged to the maximum extent, to provide ongoing advice, strategic direction and management assistance to investee companies.

With 100 years of combined mining-industry focused experience, including substantial markets and finance experience, specific to the mining industry, we are well positioned to select, evaluate and execute on high quality investment ideas in the mining sector. 

In addition to strong finance experience and credentials, the team has operational management and corporate leadership experience, and all team members have mining industry technical qualifications and experience working in various parts of the industry, and in various parts of the world.  With substantial mining-specific capital markets experience, and having the experience of analyzing and being on the ground at hundreds of mines and projects around the world, we believe we have the knowledge as well as the crucial skills to identify value in the mining business.

Investment Styles

3ppm LP invests in selected private mining and exploration companies. Our investment process aims to generate new ideas for investment in the mining business, driven by applying our unique set of experience and expertise in the sector, utilizing our wide global network of industry connections and in-house knowledge of the key drivers of the mining industry success.  

We seek to act as a "project catalyzer" and look for "ground-floor" investment opportunities, with a relatively early stage entry-point on the value curve. We look to generate projects at an early stage in the development cycle, but also to source larger project acquisitions, which may be advanced exploration or producing assets within existing mining companies.

Reflected in our co-investment philosophy, we seek to partner with other investors and operating management teams within our extensive global network and utilize a diverse array of capital sources to fund our projects.

Geographic and commodity focus

With a presence in both the Americas and in Europe, we consider investments in North and South America, Europe and Africa. 

We invest opportunistically into projects featuring various commodities with particular current focus on gold, silver, base metals, iron ore and battery metals.

Our Team

Patrick Chidley, CFA, MS, BSc. ARSM

Over 25 years’ experience in mining and mining finance; extensive evaluation and investing experience in broking, as a well-known, leading gold industry analyst with HSBC, in fund management with USAA, and in investment banking and commodities. Started his career as a geologist in Southern Africa. Holds a CFA, a BSc. in Mining Geology (Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London) and an MS in Mineral Economics (Penn State University).

Paul Durham, BSc., MSc.

Over 40 years’ experience, starting as a geologist working in South Africa with Gold Fields of South Africa in gold and base metals, followed by extensive experience as a mining analyst and specialist mining equities salesman with Scotia Bank and HSBC. In recent years has worked in investor relations and corporate development for junior mining companies.  Holds a BSc. in Mineral Exploitation (University College, Cardiff) and an MSc. in Management Studies (Durham University Business School).


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